About Me



Hello and Welcome to the Blog!

We are going to be seatmates on a wonderful journey around the world.

A bit about my background… I immigrated from Hong Kong (Pre-handover) to Canada many years ago. This afforded me the opportunity to interact with a lot of different cultures and also do some very light traveling around Canada and back to Hong Kong.

I used to hate traveling! I would get motion sickness, I felt it was a waste of money and I didn’t understand why people would spend all the time and money when you could just read up about it on the internet.

Many years later, I’ve now visited all 7 continents and over 100 countries! While it’s starting to become time to revisit some awesome places, I want to try and experience new things everywhere I can.

Over time, I have realized every one of us wants to travel in some form or fashion. Things may come up that prevent or slow us down but I hope to show you that it is possible and extremely rewarding to pursue your dreams and see the world.

Thanks for visiting and safe travels!

-Travel Madman