Alone in the Wild

Flying United Airlines in Economy was relatively uneventful. My usual queasiness came around and I tried to sleep through the flight to the best of my ability. However it was difficult to get any rest.

It wasn’t the mediocre food or the older plane… it was the fact that in my mind all I could think about is what to do next?

My sister and her boyfriend were god knows where and I was on a flight by myself to Germany. Alone in Europe, though the way I make it sound seems like I did not have a dollar to my name and only had the rags on my back.

So many things were racing through my mind:

  • How would I find my way to the hotel? I didn’t speak any German whatsoever!
  • We had planned to go to see some sights first? Should I go and check them out myself?
  • When and where would I see my sister and her boyfriend?! We were an ocean apart and I didn’t even know when they would be coming.

All these things kept building up in my mind and it just seemed so daunting as to what to do next. As I got off the plane, I decided to turn my phone on and lo and behold I received a text message from my sister. They said they landed too late, though in time to see my flight take off, and that they would route via Frankfurt and then on to Munich. She sent me a bunch of (expensive) text messages but they did allay my fears somewhat. I didn’t have any of the hotel confirmations but she said I could take the train to the hotel if I wanted to and they would meet me there.

So, I knew which flight they were coming in; I decided to take the safe route of just waiting for them. It was 2 of the longest hours of my life! I had just come off an international flight where I got had gotten very little sleep, I was fighting off the time difference and I had my stuff so I couldn’t take a quick nap.

In retrospect I was quite ill prepared. I had no backup plan in case things went awry, I didn’t have the proper instructions to get to the hotel and I didn’t really have any entertainment to pass the time. A man with his thoughts can spend a lot of time together while having little time pass.

After what seemed like an eternity, 2 individuals stumbled off the plane from Frankfurt, we were reunited and it felt so good!

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