Genesis (Not of the Sega Variety)

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We are about to embark on a journey where you will share some amazing travel experiences, laugh at my ridiculous travel foibles and follow the innate urge everyone has to travel!

There are many “reasons” and excuses that we come up with that convinces us not to travel. Have you ever thought or said things like “I can’t afford it” or “Isn’t it dangerous” or “There’s nothing to see there!” ? While not everywhere in the world is glamorous or dirt cheap, there is still some amazing things to see around the world. Historically important things, things we thought we knew about that are different overseas, things we were never even aware of

I’m reminded of the famous quote by Oscar Wilde, “Everything in moderation, including moderation”. It reminds me not to be extreme (though sometimes it is hard to tell) in either adventure or complacency. I don’t want to risk my life or bankrupt myself just to travel but I do want to take calculated risks and save up to do so!

Sometimes I feel like travel is this wonderful drug that I try to push onto people. It’s scary if you have never tried it, it makes you feel wonderful once you experience it and you are addicted once you try it at least once. I’m that pusher on the street corner saying “Oh it’s not that bad”… “Just try it once!” … “All the cool kids are doing it”. As other potential travelers come along I open my jacket and say in a low, husky voice..”What do you need…Flight Deals? Mileage Bookings? Frequent Flyer Advice?”.

As awesome as travel is, just be sure that you don’t spend all your money on travel and let it ruin you life….everything in moderation!

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