The Origin Story


Part of me wants to say that traveling has always been in my blood and that I was destined to go around the world, living my lifelong dream.

However…I used to hate traveling. I thought it was a big waste of time and money, as well as an endless source of frustration.

Growing up, traveling was either a 12+ hour bus trip to see a few sites away from Vancouver, flying back to Hong Kong to see family (not sights) or taking a road trip to the next province to visit some family friends.I didn’t realize how fortunate I was that at a young age I was able to leave the province, let alone the country! Later in my life I realized there were people who never had a passport before or had never left the country/continent.

When I was in university, my sister really got into traveling. She would be flying across the continent on these “Mileage Runs” or taking trips to Europe and Asia for very short periods. I would always harp at her in a judging tone about how she was wasting all that money, or what’s so fun about being stuck on a plane for hours on end? For those of you who have siblings you know the golden rule that younger siblings are annoying. As a younger sibling myself I wear this fact like a badge of honour!

With the guidance of a mentor, my sister was playing the frequent flying game; collecting miles, gaining elite status and maximizing the benefits of her trip! After one instance of my criticizing of her hobby she made me an offer I could not refuse.

Spring Break was coming up and she said she was planning to go to Europe. To show me how great her hobby was, she would be willing to redeem a mileage ticket for me, all I would need to do is pay the taxes!

It was a pretty easy decision for me. As much as I hated traveling it was a “Free Trip” and a chance to do something different.

So, off to Europe we went and it started something that was amazing!

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