Where Have I Been?

“Where Have I Been?”- I get this question quite a bit.

Currently I have been to 108 Countries and have generated a nice little map via www.amcharts.com as seen below.


I use the United Nations list to help me track where I’ve been to as found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states.

As with anything in life there is contention as to whether certain states are truly countries. I will let you personally decide if a country is truly one or not.

I’m not claiming I’ve seen everything in each country but┬áthere are certain rules I follow for a visit to a country to “count”.

  1. Time length doesn’t matter (though you usually need at least 3 hours to do something..)
  2. I need to have done/seen something! (Tour/Activity/Sightsee)
  3. I need to have left the airport/train station (layovers in the airport do not count!)

If you see a country that I haven’t been to and have some recommendations let me know! Heck, even if I’ve been to it let me know if you know of something cool!